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Baby Einstein

Below are several toys for which I created proprietary names and descriptors for Kids 2's Baby Einstein™ brand. Our goal was to create sticky product names that gave Baby Einstein™ a boost in the competitive toy market. We also wanted to use the names to push Baby Einstein's brand positioning of developing toys that encourage exploration, discovery, and cognitive development for growing kiddos.

Baby Einstein™ Musical Mix ‘N Roll™ 4-in-1 Activity Walker (Buy Buy Baby)

Baby Einstein™ Sea & City Sensory Playscape™ Plush Activity Mat (Buy Buy Baby)

Baby Einstein™ Strum Along Songs™ Magic Touch™ Guitar (Amazon)

Baby Einstein™ Notes & Keys™ Magic Touch™ Keyboard (Buy Buy Baby)

Baby Einstein™ Clever Composer Tune Table™ Magic Touch™ Activity Toy (Walmart)

Baby Einstein™ Shake, Rattle & Soothe™ Teether Links Ring Toy (Bed, Bath, and Beyond)

Baby Einstein™ Chilly Mitt™ Universal Teether Mitten (Toys R Us)

Baby Einstein™ Tinker’s Crawl Along Songs™ Tummy-Time Toy (Amazon)


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