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Click the categories above to jump to the relevant section. At Kids 2, I primarily work on the Ingenuity™ and ITY by Ingenuity™ baby gear brands. All Ingenuity copy flows from the brand's tagline + positioning statement, which emphasizes Ingenuity's desire to provide encouragement and support for parents.

Encouraging every step of the way.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. Some moments feel perfect. Others are messy and chaotic. Ingenuity is here to encourage you through it all. We’re here to make the good days better, and the tough days easier to tackle. Our versatile products encourage you to recognize your strengths, trust your instincts, and create your own best life with baby. Because if you’re doing what works for your family, you’re doing perfectly.

Product + Fashion Names (Ingenuity™)

Ingenuity™ product names are meant to be proprietary, memorable, stand-alone, and intuitive. The fashion names tend to be a little more playful and inspired by words in nature reflective of adaptation, animal parent/baby relationships, natural processes, and environmental patterns. Ex. For the Sheppy’s Spot™ Plush Activity Gym, the fashion name is Corrie™ (named for "Corriedale" sheep, a docile breed that adapt well to a wide range of climate conditions and have dense, soft fleece).

Product name, descriptor (with lots of ideation help from the team!), and fashion name:

Name - The Beanstalk™ Baby to Big Kid 6-in-1 High Chair

Fashion design name - Ray™

Retailer End-Cap Signage Rendering (Target) - 3 products featured together


Name - Sheppy’s Spot™ Plush Activity Gym

Fashion design name - Corrie™


Name - Keep Cozy™ 3-in-1 Bounce & Rock Seat

Fashion design name 1 - Spruce™

Fashion design name 2 - Weaver™


Name - All is Calm™ Wood Folding Deluxe Bassinet

Packaging hang-tag -- click image for larger size:


Feeding Collection Name: Easy Eater™

Items: bib sets, burp cloths, bandana bibs

Fashion design name 1 (boy elephant): Grazer™

Fashion design name 2 (girl elephant): Grazy™

Fashion design name 3 (sloth): Canopy™

Fashion design name 4 (floral): Posy™

Fashion design name 5 (bear): Kodi™

Fashion design name 6 (owl): Edi™

Fashion design name 7 (bunny): Ren™

Sleep Collection Name 1: Naps & Nights™

Items: fitted crib sheets and mesh baby crib liners

Fashion design name 1 (pink): Flutter™

Fashion design name 2 (grey diamond): Iggy™

Fashion design name 3 (dashes): Sprinkle™

Fashion design name 4 (celestial): Celeste™

Sleep Collection Name 2: Farewell Fuss™

Items: swaddle sets (same fashion names as above: Posy™, Grazer™)

Sleep Collection Name 3: Comfy Bundle™

Items: blanket sets (fashion names same as above: Kodi™, Posy™, Grazer™)

Sleep Collection Name 4: Cuddle Duo™

Items: plush toy & baby blanket set

Changing Pad Name: Fresh & Tidy™ Easy-Clean Baby Changing Pad

Bath Collection Name: Clean & Cuddly™

Items: bath towels, bath robes, hooded character towels, washcloths

Fashion names: Grazer™ (elephant), Posy™ (flowers), Edi™ (owls)

Travel Collection Name 1: Comfy Trip™ Shopping Cart and Highchair Liner

Fashion design name 1 (grey diamond): Kimber™

Fashion design name 2 (pink): Begonia™

Travel Collection Name 2: Good to Go™ 4-in-1 Multi-Use Cover

Fashion design name 1 (navy graph): Libby™

Fashion design name 2 (green vine): Fern™

Fashion design name 3 (white stripe): Lina™

Travel Collection Name 3: Tidy Tripper™ Car Seat Protector


Product + Fashion Names (ITY™)

ITY by Ingenuity™ is a smaller collection of items that are similar to but more basic than the Ingenuity line. The naming strategy is based on benefit of the product or occasion for which it’s used but incorporates “ity” to create a catchy system that reinforces brand recognition (you have to say “ity” to say the product name).

Name - ITY by Ingenuity™ Simplicity Seat™ Easy-Clean Booster

Fashion design name - Oat™

Packaging hang-tag:


Name - ITY by Ingenuity™ Rompity Rest™ Easy Fold Portable Playard

Fashion design name - Goji™


Packaging Copy:

Point-of-purchase (POP) display for The Beanstalk™:


Retailer Product Descriptions:

ITY by Ingenuity™ Simplicity Seat™ Easy-Clean Booster:

Ingenuity™ All is Calm™ Wood Folding Deluxe Bassinet:

ITY by Ingenuity™ Rompity Rest™ Easy Fold Portable Playard:

Ingenuity™ Easy Eater™ 8-Pack Baby Bib Set:

Ingenuity™ Clean & Cuddly™ 3-Pack Hooded Bath Towels:

Ingenuity™ Sheppy's Spot™ Plush Activity Gym:


Enhanced Content Product Descriptions:


Retailer Videos:


Baby registry page (Amazon)


Social Content (captions, video scripts, graphic copy):


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